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Update by user Jul 16, 2013

they made it right by me.. a refund and fixed my credit

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So Pissed I misspelled it Southern Idaho Radiology

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A little over two years ago in 2011 I went to the Emergency room at ST.Lukes,Twin Falls.

After all bills were paid by my insurance, medicare except for one. The first couple of bills from Southern Idaho Radiology I called and was told the same thing "Don't worry eh bill is taken care of". Then After the first year the bills kept coming I called and was told I was responsible, I asked why. They did not have an answer so time passed and I could not get anywhere with them.

I went to a third party Shiba and the took two days to be able to tell me that it was the way they billed. the bill was caused during a ER visit but they billed with dates after my visit. so therefore Medicare will not pay the bill. so I agreed to pay but at that point they had sent it to collections.

I sent in a payment and they would not take it from collections. So I sent a larger payment and they still refused to work with me. The bill is almost half paid and they still will not budge, i took so long to get to it because they told me it was going to be paid by medicare then they could never give me an answer why it was not paid. then they want to make a point because I told them I got advice from an attorney.

The bill will get paid but this is another medical company that bills in away to cause the customer grief and should have known why the bill was not paid by medicare but they didn't A company that when you try top explain things to them they are right no matter what. Thanks Southern Idaho Radiology Glad you made a profit.

Medicare would have paid this maybe less tahn what you wanted you you can bill me more..Is this why it was done this way?

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